About Us

We have been a Family Owned Business since 1960. Our Tooling / Molding facility is over 40,000 square feet and our molding capacity exceeds 30 million parts a year. We have worked extensively within the Automotive, Lighting, Amusement, Electronic, Aviation, Vending and Medical Fields for over 50 years. Our goal is to be your complete source for plastic products.

Foremost Plastic Products Company in Chicago, Illinois


Mission Statement
Our mission statement is to consistently produce high quality products that meet our customers’ specific and expressed requirements. Our products will be a representation of our pride and commitment. These products will be manufactured in an environment that inspires continuous improvement, positive work habits, order and safety.

UL Registered Firm for Fabricated Plastic Parts


Underwriters Laboratories Recognized Molded

Foremost is in compliance with Underwriters Laboratories' Molder Recognition Program (U.L. 746D). The Foremost U.L. assigned designation number is B-1636.


Machine Capabilities
About Our Plastic Injection Molding CompanyThe following is a list of our injection molding machines:

  • One - 2.8 ounce 100 Ton Sodick Hybrid Electric Molding press
  • Two - 6 ounce 120 Ton Van Dorn HT Molding Presses
  • Two- 9 ounce 180 Ton Van Dorn HT Molding Presses
  • Two - 11 ounce 200 Ton Niigata All Electric Molding Presses
  • One - 14 ounce 230 Ton Van Dorn HT Molding Press
  • One - 20 ounce 300 Ton Van Dorn HT Molding Press
  • One - 20 ounce 300 Ton Van Dorn HT Molding Press
  • One - 30 ounce 400 Ton Van Dorn HT Molding Press